25th SAG Awards Press Kit

25 Years of SAG Awards Photos: We have compiled view-only galleries celebrating 25 Years of SAG Awards to assist with your coverage of this year’s show.  These images will need to be licensed through Getty Images.  For Licensing contact Getty Images at: 1-800 IMAGERY (800 462 4379). Or your local Getty customer service associate.

25th Pouring of the Actor® Statue
Talent Interviews *Footage courtesy of SAG Awards/SAG-AFTRA

25th SAG Awards Nominations
Press Release: Official 25th SAG Awards Nominations
Press Release: Nominations Presenters (Awkwafina and Laverne Cox)
Video Interview: Nominations Presenters (Awkwafina and Laverne Cox)
Nominee Full Facts
Nominee Graphics
Nominee Histories

25th SAG Awards
Video: Host Megan Mullally's Personal Announcement
25th SAG Awards Key Dates
25th SAG Awards Media Opportunities
55th Annual Life Achievement Recipient - Alan Alda

About the SAG Awards
Full Fact Sheet
By The Numbers (24th SAG Awards)
About The Actor® Statuette
About the "I Am an Actor™" Stories
Transcriptions: Actors Stories
SAG Awards Nomenclature
SAG Awards Spanish Nomenclature
SAG Awards Nominating and Voting Process
Social Media Guidelines

History of the SAG Awards
Record Holders
Nominee & Recipients Database
Life Achievement Database
List of Presenters
Transcriptions: Acceptance Speeches

25th SAG Awards Team
Executive Producer - Kathy Connell
25th SAG Awards Committee

25th SAG Awards Creative Team

About SAG-AFTRA/SAG-AFTRA Foundation 
SAG-AFTRA Background
SAG-AFTRA Foundation Background
SAG-AFTRA President - Gabrielle Carteris 

PDF icon Press Release: Official 25th NominationsPDF icon Press Release: Nominations Presenters (Awkwafina and Laverne Cox)PDF icon Nominee Full FactsPackage icon Nominee GraphicsPDF icon Nominee HistoriesPDF icon 25th SAG Awards Key DatesPDF icon 25th SAG Awards Media OpportunitiesPDF icon 55th Life Achievement Recipient - Alan AldaPDF icon 25th SAG Awards Full Fact SheetPDF icon 24th SAG Awards By The NumbersPDF icon About the Actor® StatuettePDF icon I AM AN ACTOR™ StoriesPDF icon Actors Stories TranscriptsPDF icon SAG Awards NomenclaturePDF icon SAG Awards Spanish NomenclaturePDF icon SAG Awards Nominating and Voting ProcessPDF icon Social Media GuidelinesPDF icon Record HoldersFile SAG Awards Nominees and Recipients Database File Life Achievement DatabaseFile SAG Awards Presenters DatabasePDF icon SAG Awards Acceptance Speech TranscriptsPDF icon Executive Producer Kathy Connell BioPDF icon SAG Awards CommitteePDF icon 25th SAG Awards Creative TeamPDF icon SAG-AFTRA BackgroundPDF icon SAG-AFTRA Foundation BackgroundPDF icon SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris Bio
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