25th SAG Awards Press Kit

24th Annual SAG Awards documents have been included for general reference and will be updated as more information for the 25th Annual SAG Awards become available.

25th SAG Awards Nominations
**Offical 25th Nominations Press Release**
Fast Facts
Full Facts
Record Holders
Nominee Histories
Nominee Graphics for Download
Nominations Presenters (including bios)
Awkwafina and Laverne Cox Interview
SAG Awards Nomenclature
Awards Fact Sheet
SAG-AFTRA Foundation Background
SAG-AFTRA Background

25th SAG Awards
Host Announcement Video for Download
Key Dates
55th Annual Life Achievement Recipient - Alan Alda
Media Opportunities
Social Media Guidelines
SAG-AFTRA to Honor Finest Performances 2018

About the SAG Awards
Fact Sheet (Abbreviated)
Fact Sheet (Extended)
By The Numbers (24th SAG Awards)
About The Actor®
About the "I Am an Actor™" Stories
SAG Awards Nomenclature
SAG Awards Nominating and Voting Process

History of the SAG Awards
Record Holders
Nominee & Recipients Database (Downloadable)
Nominee & Recipients Database (Online)
Life Achievement Database (Downloadable)
Life Achievement Database (Online)
Lists of Presenters
Awards Speeches Transcripts

25th SAG Awards Team
SAG Awards Committee
25th Creative Team
Executive Producer - Kathy Connell

About SAG-AFTRA/SAG-AFTRA Foundation 
SAG-AFTRA Background
SAG-AFTRA Foundation Background
SAG-AFTRA President - Gabrielle Carteris 

PDF icon Official 25th Nominations Press ReleasePDF icon Fast FactsPDF icon Full FactsPDF icon Record HoldersPDF icon Nominee HistoriesPackage icon Nominee GraphicsPDF icon 25th SAG Awards Nominations PresentersPDF icon 25th SAG Awards Key DatesPDF icon 55th Life Achievement Recipient - Alan AldaPDF icon 25th SAG Awards Media OpportunitiesPDF icon Social Media GuidelinesPDF icon 24th SAG Awards By The NumbersPDF icon 25th SAG Awards CategoriesPDF icon About The Actor®PDF icon I AM AN ACTOR™ StoriesPDF icon SAG Awards NomenclaturePDF icon SAG Awards Spanish NomenclaturePDF icon Voting and Nominations BackgroundFile SAG Awards Nominees and Recipients Database File Life Achievement DatabaseFile SAG Awards Presenters DatabaseFile SAG Awards Acceptance Speeches DatabasePDF icon SAG Awards CommitteePDF icon 25th SAG Awards Creative TeamPDF icon Executive Producer Kathy Connell BioPDF icon SAG-AFTRA BackgroundPDF icon SAG-AFTRA Foundation BackgroundPDF icon SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris BioPDF icon 25th SAG Awards - SAG-AFTRA to Honor Finest Performances 2018PDF icon 25th SAG Awards Fact Sheet (Extended)PDF icon 25th SAG Awards Face Sheet (Abbreviated)PDF icon SAG Awards Nominating and Voting Process
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