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TBS is basic cable's #1 entertainment network among young adults in primetime. Available in 96 million households, TBS features such original comedies as American Dad!Your Family or MineClipped and the upcoming Angie Tribeca, The Detour and Wrecked, along with unscripted originals like  Meet the Smiths and the upcoming Funny Or Die Presents America's Next Weatherman and Separation Anxiety. In late night TBS is home to the Emmy®-winning series CONAN, starring Conan O'Brien. The TBS lineup also includes the popular contemporary comedies The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy; blockbuster movies; and championship sports coverage of Major League Baseball's regular and post-season play and the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

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TNT is television's destination for drama. Seen in 95 million households and ranking among cable's top networks, TNT is home to such original drama series as Rizzoli & IslesMajor CrimesFalling Skies,The Last ShipMurder in the FirstLegendsThe LibrariansProof and the upcoming Public Morals, Agent X and The Alienist. TNT also features the unscripted investigation series Cold Justice and the upcoming Cold Justice: Sex Crimes. In addition, TNT is the cable home to popular dramas like CastleBonesSupernatural and Grimm; primetime specials, such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards®, the Live Nation Music Awards and the iHeartRadio Music Awards; and championship sports coverage, including the NBA and the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

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Lauded by critics for its style, simplicity and genuine warmth, the Screen Actors Guild Awards® presented by SAG-AFTRA, which made its debut in 1995, has become one of the industry’s most prized honors. The only televised awards shows to exclusively honor performers, it presents thirteen awards for acting in film and television in a fast moving two hour show which airs live on TNT and TBS. The awards focus on both individual performances as well as on the work of the entire ensemble of a drama series and comedy series, and the cast of a motion picture. These honors are fundamental to the spirit of the Screen Actors Guild Awards because they recognize what all actors know – that acting is a collaborative art.

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In that same spirit, the SAG Awards® also commends the outstanding performances by film and television stunt ensembles. These accolades are announced from the SAG Awards red carpet during TNT and TBS’ pre-show webcasts. 

Other highlights of the Screen Actors Guild Awards include the SAG Life Achievement Award, presented to an established performer for fostering the highest ideals of the acting profession and tributes to the varied talents within SAG-AFTRA's membership. The 53rd Life Achievement Award was presented to Lily Tomlin at the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are also unique in the size of its voting body. Two randomly selected panels of 2,500 members each from across the country choose the nominees for television and motion pictures.  All active members of SAG-AFTRA in the United States  -- more than 121,000 members -- receive voting information to select the outstanding performances of the year.


History of the SAG Awards

The 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 9th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 8th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 7th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 6th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 5th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 4th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 3rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The 2nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
The Inaugural Screen Actors Guild Awards

I Am an Actor™

When the first Screen Actors Guild Awards® were presented on March 8, 1995, the ceremony opened with a speech by Angela Lansbury introducing the concept behind the SAG Awards® and the Actor® statuette, along with giving a little of her own history as a performer: "I've been Elizabeth Taylor's sister, Spencer Tracy's mistress, Elvis' mother and a singing teapot." She ended by telling the assembled audience of SAG Awards® nominees and presenters, "Tonight is dedicated to the art and craft of acting by the people who should know about it: actors. And remember, you're one too!"

Thus began a tradition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards® opening with a distinguished actor telling the audience a bit about his/her perceptions of their craft or some brief biographical anecdote. For the SAG Awards®, the first eight years of that tradition was carried on by a single actor each year, with Michael Keaton, Dennis Hopper, John Lithgow, Kathy Bates, Whoopi Goldberg, James Woods and Sir Ian McKellen following chronologically in Lansbury's footsteps.

The concept was so well received that for the 9th Annual SAG Awards®, supervising producer Gloria Fujita O'Brien suggested a new twist on the tradition. By having actors tell shorter stories, it would allow room for actors of all ages and backgrounds to tell tales with many different emotional tones. To make it even more fun for the audience, the producers decided to keep the identities of those storytellers secret until they popped up on camera.

Since the Inaugural Screen Actors Guild Awards, 107 actors have told their stories, typically closing with their name and the signature line, "I am an actor."

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