Frequently Asked Questions


How does the voting process work?
Voting for the Screen Actors Guild Awards® is done in two stages.  In the first stage, members of the Motion Picture and Television Nominating Committees review For Your Consideration materials and vote on the nominees.

In the second stage of voting, all active members who paid their November 2020 dues by January 14, 2021 will receive voting information and For Your Consideration materials to review and vote for the recipients. If opted into the COVID-19 Dues Relief Extension program, your first installment payment must be received no later than Jan. 14, 2021.


How are the Nominating Committee Selected?
The SAG Awards® Motion Picture and Television Nominating Committees are newly drawn each year, each made up of 2,500 members. The committees are selected by a random sample drawing of active paid-up members.

Members selected to serve on the Motion Picture and Television Nominating Committees are not eligible to serve on their respective committees again for eight years. This allows more members the opportunity to serve on these important committees. 


Am I eligible to vote in the final stage of voting?
The final stage of voting begins once nominations are announced. All active, paid-up SAG-AFTRA members who paid their November 2020 dues by our January 14, 2021 deadline are eligible to vote for the recipients of the 27th Annual SAG Awards. Voting opens on February 16, 2021. Only eligible members can vote and receive For Your Consideration materials.


I would rather vote by mail.  How can I request a paper ballot?
Online final balloting will be available to all eligible members. Any member who would like to request a final paper ballot may do so by calling toll-free (800) 961-8287 before 5pm PT on Friday, March 12, 2021. Please have your SAG-AFTRA ID number ready when calling.  


I’ve changed my address but it was after the dues deadline.  Can I still vote?
Online Balloting postcards and For Your Consideration DVDs and other materials are mailed to eligible voters at the primary address on file with SAG-AFTRA Membership as of February 4, 2021. 

Changes made to your membership file after February 4, 2021 will not be updated in the Awards database.  If you changed your address after our deadline and did not receive your voting postcard, you may only vote online.  You can access your voting information by visiting

To request FYC materials you may have missed due to a change in address, please email All requests will be checked against our database of eligible SAG Awards voters.


I am an eligible voter with a foreign primary address on file with SAG-AFTRA, why am I not receiving FYC mailings?
Studios and networks will not allow their FYC materials to be shipped outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada.  If you have a primary address on file that is outside of these territories, you will not receive physical mailings (even as an eligible voter).  However, if you provide a U.S. mailing address to the SAG Awards Member Support Team, FYC materials can be mailed to you.

To provide a U.S. address to receive FYC materials please email - you will be given a link to complete an online request form. All requests will be compared to our database of eligible SAG Awards voters.


Where can I find a list of the Nominees?
Please click here to see a list of our nominees.  During the final phase of voting, only nominated films and television programs will be made available to voting members.


I've only gotten a few DVDs.  Why not all those offered?
Because the DVDs are provided for and paid for by the studios, not all may be offered. For those that are offered, DVDs are mailed out individually from our Union mailing house. You will receive one at a time. We expect all DVDs to be delivered by end of February/early March. 


Why don’t I get DVDs for all nominated films?

As no membership dues are used to hold screenings or send DVDs of nominated projects to members, the cost of doing so is left to the studios. While we encourage every studio to make their SAG Award-nominated projects available to eligible voting members, we cannot require them to do so.
While we understand many members prefer DVD copies over digital screeners, digital film downloads provide a cost-effective way for some studios to provide access to nominated films that otherwise might not be made available.


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