Mailing Your Promotional Materials for Consideration


In past years, studios, networks, production companies, and individual actors have achieved much success with sending screening schedules, DVDs and promotional material mailings to our SAG Awards Nominating Committees (see “Mailings” below for guidelines). We encourage you to place the actual performances you will be submitting directly in the hands of our voting members. Please see our Rules and Regulations for explanation of how the nominating committees are chosen.

We ask you to incorporate the Stunt Ensemble honors into your awards planning, and arrange screenings for the films and television series that you wish to be considered.



The 2500 members of the SAG Awards TV Nom Comm have been notified and have agreed to vote on our television categories, which include primetime broadcast television, cable and new media.  We encourage you to send mailings to the committee, including For Your Consideration” DVDs, postcards announcing your new summer and fall shows as well as screening invitations to your shows and talent Q&As. We also permit you to stream episodes of your series online for consideration. Please contact our office for more information. 



The 2500 members of the SAG Awards Theatrical Nominating Committee has been mailed a special card indicating that they are a member of this year’s “SAG Awards Nom Comm”. This Nom Comm card will admit them to both your private screenings and films in local theaters you advertise in the newspapers. We encourage you to pre-arrange with the theater owners to accept the Nom Comm card so that you may offer your films at neighborhood theaters. Please alert your advertising department to place the term “SAG Awards Nom Comm” in your newspaper ads.

As before, you may send DVDs, screening and Q&A invitations and screening schedules to the nominating committee members through our mailing house. 

SAG Awards Nom Comm members will also be sent a screener agreement, which will need to be signed and returned in order to be eligible to receive encoded screeners. We will keep a separate database of Nom Comm members who returned this agreement. Please contact our office for information on how to send encoded screeners to the Nominating Committee


All For Your Consideration mailings must be approved, scheduled and coordinated through our Awards Office.  PLEASE SEE OUR UPDATED RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR ALL REQUIREMENTS.

Nominating committee ballots will be mailed on November 17th, and are due back at the election firm on December 11th.  For all of our key dates, please see our calendar.

All mailings are handled through our mailing houses West Coast Mailers (WCM) in Los Angeles and Century Direct Mail Handlers (CDMH) in NY.  Please contact the Awards Office for details.

Once your FYC materials are approved and scheduled, you may deliver your mailing and payment for shipping and handlingto the mailing house for preparation and delivery to the post office.  Please pre-package all envelopes, boxes, and jiffy bags. The mailing house will place a SAG Awards return address label on your mailing in order to maintain confidentiality and attempt to redirect any returned mail due to address changes.WCM and CDMH also do mailing fulfillment (printing, ordering envelopes, stuffing, etc) for an additional fee.  You may want to discuss this option directly with each company to expedite your mailing. 


Payment for postage and handling should be made directly to the mailing house and must be received before your screeners will be mailed.


The Screen Actors Guild Awards charges a separate flat fee of $400 per mailing or email blast which will be invoiced for in February after the awards show.  Please contact the Awards Office for details.


It is the sender’s responsibility to put either on the packaging (or on the screener itself, if mailing a DVD), written notification prohibiting recipients from selling or otherwise transferring possession of the screener in any manner, and the SAG Awards shall have no responsibility for a recipient’s violation of this prohibition.  This, like all content, will need to be approved by the Awards Office.


We encourage you to mail early.  We will attempt to honor your mail dates, but requests for dates will be handled on a first come basis and in coordination with other mailing schedules. 


To schedule a mailing or receive additional  information, please call the SAG Awards office at (818) 940-0313 or email us at



The SAG Awards has established an email database of general SAG-AFTRA members (broken down by branch location) interested in attending screenings. Should a Nom Comm screening have seats available, we can email general members in that area to fill the screening on short notice.

Thank you for your continued support of the Screen Actors Guild Awards.