Media Credentials Selections Criteria

We have designed our media areas to facilitate newsgathering and to credential as many legitimate media outlets as space will allow. However, we may not be able to accommodate everyone. We would appreciate media cooperation in keeping attending staff to the absolute minimum necessary to cover the Awards.

Only media outlets and photo agencies may apply for credentials. Requests from individuals or freelancers will not be considered. The person submitting a credentials application must be on staff at the outlet or agency and have the legal authority to enter into the media agreement on behalf of the media outlet.

Exceptions will be made for freelance media, including photographers, who have submitted a Letter of Assignment/Legal Authorization as detailed in the Media Credentials application.

Consideration for media credentials to cover the Screen Actors Guild Awards® Nominations and Ceremony will be based upon a number of elements, among them:

1. Reach and influence of the outlet, based upon verifiable circulation, website traffic, viewer or listenership statistics, demographic and geographic saturation, etc.

  • First to be considered will be outlets with international reach, then national, regional and local, in that order
  • In the case of foreign media, priority consideration will be given to foreign television outlets that carry the telecast in their country or region, and to other media from countries or regions that carry the telecast.

2. The outlet's demonstrated willingness to abide by established rules during previous SAG Awards® or SAG-AFTRA events

3. The extent of previous coverage of SAG Awards® presentations

4. The extent of previous coverage of pre-SAG Awards® activities 

5. The extent of previous coverage of non-Awards SAG-AFTRA activities throughout the year.

6. For outlets requesting SAG Awards® credentials for the first time, the scope and quality of previous coverage of other entertainment industry awards and related events.

7. The outlet's detailed plans for covering this year's SAG Awards, including plans for covering nominations and all of our pre-show events. Pre-show coverage and tune-in stories will weigh heavily in our credentialing decisions. 

Items 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be determined subjectively based on clippings, transcripts and video or audiotapes you have provided to us.  

All media who have covered the SAG Awards® received with their credentials our instructions to send us copies of their coverage via link, email or postal mail.  If we did not receive your materials, we will not be able to take your previous coverage into consideration.

All new outlets are required to submit examples of their coverage of other entertainment industry awards.

Materials must be submitted to by October 30, 2017.  Late submissions will not be considered for the 24th SAG Awards.

Credential applications are evaluated each year. Being credentialed in the past does not guarantee you will be credentialed again. We will try to accommodate as many media outlets as possible for both the Nominations and the Awards, but due to space limitations it may be necessary to credential some media for only one of these events.

Thank you for your interest in covering the Screen Actors Guild Awards®.