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NEW FOR 2024 - SAG Awards FYC Goes Digital, Opt In Required to Receive DVDs

To be more environmentally conscious, SAG Awards For Your Consideration screeners are going fully digital this awards season. All voters will have access to digital screeners, but voters will not automatically receive DVDs in the mail.

To receive any For Your Consideration materials, including DVDs, your November 2023 dues must have been paid by December 11th. If opted into the Dues Relief Extension program, your first installment must have been received no later than December 11th. 

If you would like to receive DVD screeners by mail in addition to digital screeners, you must opt in.
 To complete your DVD opt-in, visit sagaftra.org/dvds. After logging into your SAG-AFTRA account, at the top of "Go Green" options, uncheck the first box indicating you are ok with only receiving digital screeners, and click "Save Go Green Preferences” to confirm your choice. If you have not set up an online SAG-AFTRA account and wish to complete this process over the phone, please call 323-549-6789. It may take up to 2 business days for DVD opt-ins to be reflected with the mailing house, so if you would like to receive DVDs by mail, please opt-in by Friday, January 5 to avoid shipping delays.

For those who opt in, DVDs will be sent out in late January/early February 2024. Since no membership dues are used to pay for screeners, it is up to the studios to decide how to make their titles available. Not all nominated titles will be made available on DVDYou may also view nominated titles via Digital Screeners. Members with addresses outside of the US and Canada are not eligible to receive DVDs.

Please see below for a list of Motion Picture and TV program DVD screeners that will be mailed to eligible SAG-AFTRA members for consideration.

Please direct any questions you have about DVD screeners to awardsinfo@sagawards.org


Motion Picture DVDs - American Fiction, Killers of the Flower Moon, Maestro, Nyad, Oppenheimer, Poor Things, Rustin



Television DVDs - Lessons in Chemistry, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Morning Show, Mr. Monk's Last Case, Ted Lasso


Piracy is a very serious threat to our industry. Screener DVDs, digital downloads and streaming offers are provided to members for personal viewing in connection with awards consideration only and must not be uploaded to the internet, publicly exhibited, distributed, rented, loaned, sold, reproduced or given to anyone.

Screen Actors Guild Awards supports efforts to eliminate content theft of copyrighted materials as it threatens the economic livelihood of all entertainment industry professionals, especially working actors who depend on residuals to make a living. 

Content theft is a violation of state and federal law and may result in civil and/or criminal penalties, and may also constitute grounds for discipline, including expulsion from SAG-AFTRA. 


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