Transcript Bessie

Sorry. Thank you. Yeah. So, thanks everybody. Oh, my God, I'm in shock right now. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you, my compadres, my brothers and sisters in the struggle. Respect to everyone in this category. Respect to everyone who voted for me. Thank you, because anyone could have won it; and many others have. Wow. Thank you, Shakim, my partner at "Flave Unit." Thank you HBO for giving us a shot to make this happen after 22 years. Thank you, Dick and Lili Zanuck, for finding something in me 22 years ago and giving me a shot to make to play this part of Bessie Smith. I am in shock right now. I shouldn't be, but I I am. I'm really just very grateful. Thank you to my wonderful cast mates. I couldn't have done a movie without you; Richard Lions, my consulting, acting consultant. Thank you mom and dad for believing in me and telling me I could achieve anything if I just believed in myself. And I hope that anyone out there who does not come in the package that people say you should, keep fighting for it. Flip those rocks over. Keep pushing. Keep turning. You can do it. You build your own boxes, not people. So knock that thing away and do you. Thank you.