Transcript Downton Abbey

Hello, hello, lovely room of fellow actors. Can I just say, before we even address this thing, this issue, that we've been coming here for 6 years, and we have encountered only the most amazing kindness and generosity from American actors. Thank you. So to be nominated in this category is mind-blowing for us. You know, we are a British show. What the heck are we doing here? And we are -- we're up against your TV royalty. So thank you for that. That is a deep, deep honor to win this. Just phenomenal. Thank you. Everyone in this room those that acting is a collaboration and, you know, this cast is the best it could possibly imagine, but, you know, we have all those other people around us who are -- they make us look good, you know. The extended Downton family, all top of their game, brilliant people committed to the show. We have to share this with them. They were stunning. Julian Fellowes, who wrote every single word of this. What an amazing writer. And as, again, we all know, if we don't have a good script, we are screwed, aren't we? So, thank you, Julian. Thank you to Gareth Neame and Liz Trubridge at Carnival. Rebecca and Suzanne at Masterpiece Theatre. I'm going to do a little shout out, extra shout out to two of our big, burly crew, Duncan and Bobby, who, on the last day of filming, we did our last scene, they were found in the corner sobbing. I know. And when does that happen? So we love you. Thank you so much for this, from the bottom of our hearts, SAG-AFTRA, everybody who voted for us, all of you. Thank you so, so much.