Transcript Beasts of No Nation

Oh, man. Thank you so much. I remember getting my SAG card from "Law and Order." That was 20 years ago. So thanks for that, man. Listen, Cary Fukanaga, you are a "G" for making this movie. You toted this script around for 7 years, and I'm thankful to take this award on your behalf. Ted something from Netflix  whatever your name is  well done for your belief, Bro. Red Crown; the team; Riva; Daniela; Amy, you are amazing. The Ghanaian cast and crew were incredible. They worked so hard, and I'm really proud. Listen, you know, my  my team Roger Scharts, Rich Fields, Sam Branjel (names spelled phonetically), you guys worked really hard for me, and I love you so much. I'm forgetting some people. But I want to tell you, man, we made a film about real people and real lives, you know; and to be, you know, awarded for it is very special, because a lot of people were damaged for that. So thank you for giving this film some light, man. Respect. Love.