Transcript Room

BRIE LARSON: Thank you. Huh. This is so incredible.
I feel like I was born questioning everything about reality, feeling lost and alone and always worried that I was deeply unlovable. And watching your movies, to all of my SAG members, helped, made me feel less alone and made me feel like that was a safe place for me to explore my creativity. So, thank you.

I need to thank the cast of my film. Jacob Tremblay, my inspiration. Everything that is this movie is because of you. Joan Allen, William H. Macy, Sean Bridgers, Tom McCamus, and anyone else, all of the rest of our crew. Lenny, thank you so much for this opportunity. Emma, thank you for writing such an incredible story for us to play out.

Thank you, Anne, my manager; Chris, my agent; Lindsey, my publicist; my wonderful boyfriend, Alex, I love so much.

Gosh. I'm going to write more thank you cards.

Thank you. Bye.