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If you have any questions regarding your downloads, below is an FAQ that has been assembled to assist you.

If additional support is needed: Please contact the SAG Awards Member Support Team at or (818) 940-1808.

If you are having an iTunes-specific problem (Apple ID’s, account information, playback issues) please visit Frequently Asked Questions for purchased movies first. All other inquiries can be handled by the SAG Awards Member Support Team (see above).



Using Your Code 

Q: How do I use my code?
A:  To redeem your code you will need an iOS device, or iTunes for Mac or PC. To get the latest version of iTunes, start here.    Once you have the latest version of iTunes installed, click here for instructions on how to redeem your code.

Q: My code says its already been redeemed, what do I do?
A:  First, check to see if youve already redeemed the code and downloaded the movie by following these steps. If you havent redeemed the code yourself, please contact SAG Awards Member Support. They will be able to assist you.

Q: My code says its invalid, what do I do?
A:  Please contact SAG Awards Member Support who will be able to assist you with a new replacement code.

Q: What countries can my code be used in?
A:  Codes are only valid in the US. If the content is not available in your countrys version of the iTunes Store, you will get a message when you try to redeem the code.


Downloading your Movie

Q: I don't have enough storage to download the offer, what can I do?
A:  You will need to remove content from your device or computer to create enough space to download your movie. For more information on removing content, please start here. For more information on how large movie files are, check here. The actual size of the movie you are trying to download is listed in the iTunes Store.

Q: I removed some content to make enough space to download my movie. How do I start the download again?
A:  You can download your movie from your previous purchases by following these instructions.

Q: How long will it take my movie to download?
A:  The download time depends on the speed of your Internet connection. For more information, check this article and question 5 of the FAQ.

Q: I can't download the Movie offer over my mobile network.
A:  A Wi-Fi connection is required to download movies.

Q: Why is the download is so slow?
A:  Download times vary based on the speed of your internet connection. For more information, check this link.

Q: What if I don't want to download the Movie now?
A:  You can complete the download at any time by downloading the movie from your previous purchases. For more information on how to do that check this link.

Q: Ive downloaded my movie, but where do I find it?
A:  Movies on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod are inside the Videos App. On a Mac or PC, you can find the Movie inside your iTunes Library, which is inside the iTunes application. For information on downloading past purchases, check this article.

Q: My download got interrupted, how do I start downloading again?
A: You can find information on how to restart an interrupted download here.

Q: Can I start watching the movie even if it isnt done downloading yet?
A:  Yes, you can begin playback before the movie has finished downloading. For more information, check question 17 of the FAQ.

Q: I have deleted my movie from my computer, where can I find it again?
A:  Click here for instructions on how to download a previously purchased movie.

Q:  I've downloaded my movie but it says 'There was a problem downloading the artwork for...' What do I do now?
         A:  Click here for instructions on how to remedy the issue.

Watching My Movie 

Q: Which version of iTunes do I need to watch my movie?
A:  You can watch your movie using iTunes 10 or later. To get the latest version of iTunes, start here.

Q: My movie finished downloading fine, but when I watch it it doesnt play back correctly. What can I do?
A:  Try deleting the movie and downloading it again. If youre still having issues with the movie, contact Apple Support.

Q: When I try to watch my movie I get a message that the computer is not authorized.
A:  Make sure that your computer is authorized for your Apple ID.

Q: My computer cant play back an HD movie. What can I do?
A:  If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements for viewing HD movies, you can download an SD version from your Purchased page in iTunes.

Q: Where can I find subtitles?
A:  If your movie supports subtitles, you can find the settings in the playback controls for your device. For more information, check here.

Q: Can I AirPlay my movie?
A:  You can AirPlay your movie from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by following directions here.


If you cant find your answer here, or you need more help:

You can find more help with Movies in the iTunes Store here. If you cant find your answer on this page, and youd like to work directly with an Apple Advisor on your issue, start here.

If you’ve already spoken to SAG Awards Member Support and you still need help please start here.


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