e-Movie Cash



Eligible SAG-AFTRA members may download an e-Movie Cash coupon to see The Imitation Game at a local theater. 

Your Awards PIN will allow you access to a special e-Movie Cash web page set-up specifically for eligible SAG-AFTRA members to download a coupons for free entry into The Imitation Game.  

                 Retrieve your SAG Awards PIN here!

Movie Cash coupons are available for download ONLY for The Imitation Game.


To download the your coupon, please click on the title below to visit the SAG-AFTRA member e-Movie Cash website.  Make sure to follow the instructions carefully.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Please have your Awards PIN ready and be prepared to PRINT the coupon when you log on.  You will only be able to download your Movie Cash coupon once.  You must bring the printed copy of the coupon - along with your SAG-AFTRA ID - to the theater with you.  Please be ready with your selections before logging in.  You CANNOT log-in a second time. 



Screen Actors Guild Awards, LLC and SAG-AFTRA (“Parties”) make no representation or warranty about any websites you may access to redeem your promotional codes.  The Parties have no control over the operation of the respective websites, nor over the use of disclosures of personal information you choose to share with them.  Registration with e-Movie Cash is subject to the e-Movie Cash Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.