DVD Screeners Being Sent for Consideration

The following DVD screeners will be mailed to eligible SAG-AFTRA members for consideration. In order to receive any For Your Consideration materials, including DVDs, your November 2018 dues must have been paid by December 3rd.  

Please note, all mailings will be sent to your primary address on file with the SAG-AFTRA Membership Office as of the December 3rd address change deadline.  

The DVDs will be mailed individually to you from the SAG-AFTRA mailing house. Please be patient. We expect the majority of these titles to start going out after the holidays.

Please direct any questions you have about DVD screeners to awardsinfo@sagawards.org or call the Awards office at (323) 918-1444. 


Film Titles

Television Titles

Piracy is a very serious threat to our industry.  Screener DVDs, digital downloads and streaming opportunities are provided to members for personal viewing in connection with awards consideration only and must not be uploaded to the internet, publicly exhibited, distributed, rented, loaned, sold, reproduced or given to anyone.

Screen Actors Guild Awards supports efforts to eliminate content theft of copyrighted materials as it threatens the economic livelihood of all entertainment industry professionals, especially working actors who depend on residuals to make a living. 

Content theft is a violation of state and federal law and may result in civil and/or criminal penalties, and may also constitute grounds for discipline, including expulsion from SAG-AFTRA. 

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