Digital Streaming

Stream Nominated Film Titles, via WBFYC App or Vision Media

Click on the titles below to access SAG Award® nominated films available on the WBFYC App or Vision Media's Screener Passport Site. 

You will need your Awards PIN to log-in and access digital streaming opportunities. To retrieve your Awards PIN, click here

IMPORTANT: Awards PINs are intended ONLY for eligible SAG-AFTRA members. It is imperative you keep confidential. Sharing your Awards PIN is strictly prohibited and may constitute grounds for discipline, including expulsion from SAG-AFTRA.


Warner Bros. is hosting their own streaming application for the nominated films below. This application must be downloaded to your desktop, phone or other devices prior to streaming.  To access please enter your Awards PIN in the "Login Code" field. To retrieve your Awards PIN, click here

Vision Media's Screener Passport App

Vision Media has been contracted by the film studios to provide FYC content to awards voters and is not affiliated with the SAG Awards or SAG-AFTRA.


This year, your login will be an email and a password, comprised of your Awards PIN as follows:

Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE, they are all caps


If your PIN is 12345CA, your credentials would be:
Password: 12345CA

Retrieve your Awards PIN Here
Click the image below to visit Vision Media’s Screener Passport site, or download the Screener Passport App.

Television Programming

The following has been made available by the networks. Each site has its own specific log-in/password credentials noted below. It is imperative that you keep these password credentials confidential, which are intended only for eligible SAG-AFTRA voters. Do not share.

In addition to the below, Amazon is sending information to members on how to stream their titles. Please watch your mail. 

Please check back regularly as we may be adding new FYC content throughout the voting period.

Username: FXNetworks
Password (case sensitive): FXFYC2019

Username: FXNetworks
Password (case sensitive): FXFYC2019

Username: FXNetworks

Password (case sensitive): FXFYC2019

Access CodeFYC%20!9

Access Code (case sensitive): B9TK3

No Credentials Needed

Password (Case Sensitive): 

Username: KillingEve_BBCA
Password (Case Sensitive): CodenameV

Access Code

Access Code (Case Sensitive): USAConsiderFYC

Password (Case Sensitive): ConsiderUs 

Access CodeFYC%20!9

Important Note: Screen Actors Guild Awards, LLC and SAG-AFTRA ("Parties") make no representation or warranty about any websites you may access to redeem your promotional codes. The parties have no control over the operation of the respective websites, nor over the use of disclosures of personal information you choose to share with them. Registration with and/or usage of such websites are subject to the respective sites' Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards support efforts to eliminate the theft of copyrighted materials, as content theft threatens the economic livelihood of all entertainment industry professionals, especially working actors who depend on residuals to make a living. Screener DVDs, digital downloads and streaming opportunities are provided to members for personal viewing in connection with awards consideration only and must not be uploaded to the internet, publicly exhibited, distributed, rented, loaned, sold, reproduced or given to anyone. The unauthorized use of copyrighted materials violates state and/or federal laws and may result in civil and/or criminal liability. It may also constitute grounds for discipline, including expulsion from SAG-AFTRA.

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